About Us

I am a qualified rememdial massage therapist and equine bodyworker with a special interest in biomechanics and the effect that restriction in fascia has on a horse’s movement.  I first started working in this field in 2009 and have continually studied new mobalities to improve my knowledge and skills.   This has enabled me to expand my skills to be able to offer the benefits of treatments to both the horse and rider.  If the rider’s body restricted in any way, then this will likely have a flow on effect to how your horse will move as it attempts to re-balance itself to compensate for the rider’s restrictions.  Likewise, if the horse is restricted in a paticular area this can affect how the rider uses their body when riding, causing some muscles to overwork, tighten and become painful and other muscles to become weak.  Either way, an imbalance any kind can lead to poor performance and injury, therefore it is important to address these restrictions as soon as possible to avoid long term problems and improve the quality of life and performance for both the horse and rider.