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EMT Breezy Blanket



This amazing rug is  exclusive in Australia to Absolutely Equine and the premier magnetic blanket available today.  The magnets are BIOflex the deepest penetrating and the only one to access more blood vessels than any other on the market.  We would all love to have a massage therapist or acupuncturist on hand to treat our horse's sore muscles and that is just not possible for many of us.  With the EMT Breezy Blanket its the next best thing to having a therapist on hand all the time.   Use it pre-warm up to help loosen and relax your horse, improve your horse's performance and minimise warm up time.  Used post-work out it will help to release tight muscles leaving your horse happy and content.   Price for the rug starts at $820.00

The EMT Breezy Blanket is made of a very high quality durable double mesh and designed for hot and humid regions.  The magnets are positioned to reflect the acupressure points on a horse.  Because the blanket is designed to allow air flow, we suggest another rug be placed over the top during the colder months.  The rug can be used for as little as 15 minutes to a maximum of 10 hours at any one time.  During particularly warm weather or when left out in sunny conditions it is best not to expose your horse to more than 15 minutes of use.  As all horses are different it is important to monitor your horse closely during the first few times of use to determine the most beneficial amount of time for your particular horse, based on his response to the blanket.  

Because of the high quality materials and to optimise the life span of the EMT Breezy Blanket, each blanket is made to order.  The average life span of the blanket is approximately 7 years.  To measure your horse, simply run a tape measure from the centre of his chest to the edge of the buttock (the length of the horse).  Measurements are taken in inches.  The blanket is handmade in the US. Please allow approximately 10  - 14 days for delivery.
48-66" $820.00
68-80" $890.00
82-86" $985.00

Iron Spring Farm (the largest importer of Warm Bloods to the US) "We use our EMT magnetic blankets on our horses daily and really like them"

Kathy Rowse (USDF Bronze, Silver & Gold Medallist, FEI Trainer/Rider/Instructor) "My horses all wear the EMT blanket before their daily work in dressage.  It really helps warm up and loosen their backs nicely before I even get in the saddle.  I think the EMT equipment is an esential part of the overall car of the high level performance horse"

Amy Tryon (2004 Olympic Medallist/USEA 2006 Lady Rider of the Year)  "EMT's products are very well made.  I use them with great success.  I was very happy with their blanket for a horse I have had continued problems with a cold, stiff back.  He warms up so nice now.  No back problems."

Anne Kursinski - Competitor/Trainer/Clinician, Member of 47 USET Nations Cup teams, 5 USET Olympic Teams, Member of 3 USET World Equestrian Game Teams, Competed in 9 World Cup finals, YSET Silver Medal 1996 & 2008 Olympic Games "This blanket is terrific and the horses love it.  They feel much looser, sounder and freer when you first get on.  Almost as if they were warmed up already.


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I put this blanket on my horse for the first time for 20mins, normally would fight with him to get him to warm up for a good 20 mins before he would really begin to work well for me. After the first time using the EMT Breezy Blanket my horse was warmed up and relaxed in the first 5 mins on riding him, he rounded much better, held himself easier and was just unbelievable in the difference in his attitude!! He was much more willing!! I would definatley recomend this rug to anyone!!!
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
Rating: 5/5
Posted by Erin Hanlon
28/10/2009 - 05:58 AM
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